Izbira vgradnih LED svetil – Kaj morate vedeti

Choosing recessed LED lights - What you need to know

Recessed lighting is easily one of the most practical and functional lights you can install in your home or office building. It is designed to flush with your surface (usually the ceiling). LED recessed lighting is the most common form of architectural lighting found today and one of the fastest ways to update an existing space with minimal effort.

High-quality LED recessed lighting will not only give your room a clean, modern and attractive look, it can be used to highlight the special features of rooms, illuminate decorative objects and works of art or create a mood with the help of dimming. LED recessed lights are energy efficient and last much longer than traditional light bulbs. On zarniceinsvetila.si we offer an extensive collection of V-TAC recessed lights, which you can view at this link.


Where to use recessed lights

Recessed lighting can achieve a range of lighting effects in indoor and outdoor spaces. Recessed lights are the best choice for rooms with limited ceiling space or where a large lamp would be a distraction. In kitchens, recessed lights can provide excellent task lighting and create useful ambient light when used in combination with other lighting such as pendant lights and under-cabinet LED strips. Due to their narrow dimensions, they are also ideal for hallways and hallways. In the dining room, recessed lighting can complement a prominent chandelier. In the bathroom (over the shower, bathtub...) and outside (porches, terraces, pavilions, summer kitchens...) we recommend that you choose recessed lights that are approved for wet and damp rooms, with a high IP rating. You can read more about the IP rating scale at this link.


Choosing the best built-in fixtures

There are quite a few things to consider when choosing the right recessed light, including size, trim and color temperature. Your first decision should be whether to install new lights or replace the old ones and save money by retrofitting. Installing the retrofit kit into an existing hole is easy. Simply measure your existing cutout (the visible part of the fixture) and select the correct size light fixture that will fit into the pre-cut hole. The lamp should have a border that extends 1-2cm over the hole to cover it.

New installation and remodeling

For new builds and remodeling projects, there are several factors to consider in order to select the right equipment, including function, operation and spatial layout. There are usually three main components that define a recessed light: the housing, the style of the trim, and the type of light. Nowadays, many LED recessed lights are available complete with housing and LED module and power supply in one convenient package. Kits are available for many sizes and styles of recessed lighting. Mains voltage kits are standard and run on household current. For low voltage, step-down power supplies are used. The power supply can be built-in or separate from the lamp.


The housing is the part that is hidden above the ceiling and covers all parts of the lamp. It is a separate component or it is integrated into the entire equipment of the lamp.

You can choose between recessed lights lamps with housing, to which you add any light bulb, usually GU10(in some lamps, LEDs are already integrated). Some of the more popular ones are already assembledmini LED panels, with a built-in LED module and an attached power supply.

Large areas need stronger lighting, so for commercial buildings and offices, they mainly choose larger ones LED panels.


For outdoor spaces, we suggest you take a look at our best seller built-in lamp, which you can regulate via the application. The color temperature and dimming of the lamp can be changed. It is also possible to connect several lights together and regulate them all together via the app.

Dimming and special features

Color temperature and color intensity can affect a room. For this, we have the option of dimming or changing the color temperature for some recessed lights. We also offer more and more products that are functional with today's smart technology.

Spacing and layout

The fixture spacing depends on the ceiling height and the square footage of the room (example: Recessed lighting spacing for a 2.5 m high ceiling would be 1.2 m between each lamp). Keep in mind that you won't need as much light for the bedroom, for example, as for the kitchen.

In the kitchen, built-in lamps provide light above the counters, depending, of course, on the brightness of the lights. When installing recessed lighting in the kitchen, focus on areas not covered by other fixtures, such as pendant lights or under-cabinet lighting.


In bathrooms, recessed lighting can add style and functionality to your space. Unlike ordinary wall or ceiling lights, recessed lights can be installed in shower cabins or above the bathtub. It is important to consider recessed lighting as part of the overall bathroom lighting setup. The wall lamps around the toilets and mirrors, in combination with the recessed lights, will provide you with flawless multi-layered lighting, which is difficult to achieve with ceiling lights alone. We suggest that you consider and choose luminaires with a higher IP rating.



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