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How to increase home security with outdoor lights

Your home should be the place where you feel the safest. Installing an alarm system alone is not enough for security, as the installation of outdoor lighting can be a safety factor that significantly increases safety. As long as your garden, driveway, or garden path is lit, miscreants are also easier to notice and therefore your home is less interesting for miscreants.

varen dom

Improving the lighting is easy with installation solar lights, for which you do not need any wiring. Luminosity is provided by the built-in battery, which is charged during the day and powered by the light source at night. Solar lights also do not turn off in the event of a power outage to the house.

External walls, windows, driveway, yard can be illuminated by installation solar lamps. We light the garage with solar reflectorsi, which are available in different strengths. 

osvetlitev varnost

If you don't decide on solar lights, you can light it with a more central system with wiring, which you can additionally control via smart systems but over sensors.

pametna hisa casovni vklop smart phone

We offer on zarniceinsvetila.si motion sensors in dimming sensors suitable for implementation.

Timed activations are the easiest to control via wifi systems for smart house, where in the application we set planned activations and deactivations.

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