Kakšna je najboljša svetloba za branje in kako jo izbrati?

What is the best light for reading and how to choose it?

Reading is an important activity in a person's life and if done incorrectly, it can be very harmful to the eyes in the long run. Of course, we are talking about the type of light we use for reading.

While any bright light is good for reading, there are some specifications that will improve your reading experience. There are various aspects to consider, from the distance of the bulb to your reading position, how many lumens you need for ideal reading, to the different types of lamps.

Not every reader is the same. So in this case, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You will need to understand what type of lights and fixtures help you achieve the best experience.

Why consider lumens and not watts?

Consumers usually consider the wattage of a bulb to get a sense of its light level, which is generally incorrect. Watts represent the energy consumption of the bulb, while the number of lumens represents the level of brightness. All the bulbs we buy have a marked number of lumens.

A 75W bulb, which is pretty standard, will have a lumen rating of 1100. While a 40W bulb, which is lower than normal, will have a lumen count of 470. If you want a light on your desk for daily reading and writing, the 470 lumen bulb should be perfect. However, if you are looking for a light that will provide you with long reading in any part of the room and without any stress on the eyes, a bulb with 800+ lumens is required.

There are many people for whom reading is not part of their daily activities. Instead, they read a few pages at night before going to bed. In this case, 250 lumens of value should be more than enough. If you install an ordinary light bulb for night reading, it can prevent you from falling asleep due to the excessive brightness.

So, whatever the purpose, consider the lumens of the bulb you're buying to really understand how much brightness you'll be getting. Using a bulb that is too bright can be harmful to your eyes. You can choose bulbs of different lumens and watts at our website, where you can filter the various specifications in the top menu.

Where to put the perfect reading lamp?

An even distribution of light is important when reading. There are a few questions you need to ask yourself about this. Do you change position a lot while reading? Do you read in different parts of the room or at a dedicated table? Do you read a lot of material for work or just light reading?

If you read in different parts of the room or change position frequently, then it is your best option a set of lamps, which illuminate the room evenly. This way you will be able to take the book off the table and lie down on the bed and continue reading without changing the lighting.

But if you want to spend long hours at your desk reading, then consider installing it desktop lamps. If you do it on the bed, keep it installed wall but hanging lamp, as it will directly illuminate the reading. Although you will be using this light as the primary source, make sure that the rest of your room is adequately lit.

Reading on a computer, tablet..

The truth is that more and more people are turning to online reading or using devices such as tablets to read. While long hours of reading from a screen can seriously damage your eyes, there are ways you can try to ensure you don't end up wearing glasses in a few years.

For those who need to use their screen for maximum reading, a bright central light source in the room is important. You can complement it by having another a smaller resource near a place to read. However, none of these lights should fall directly on your screen, as this will require you to make the screen even brighter.

Also, consider installing a blue light filtering app on your PC or mobile device to help reduce the heat of the light emitted from your screen and allow you to read longer without feeling stressed. You can also reduce the brightness of the screen when reading for hours.



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