10 idej za osvetlitev z LED trakovi

10 ideas for lighting with LED strips

In fact, you can light almost anything with LED strips. The only limit is your creativity! Here are 10 original ways to use them for inspiration!



The wardrobe is usually a room in the house with very little light, so using artificial light sources is the best solution to illuminate your clothes. The flexibility of LED strips is advantageous here, as it enables the lighting of all small and narrow places. In more visible places, you can use profile for LED strips and thus aesthetically complement the space.  To ensure that every corner is illuminated, LED strips can be used on all shelves, in drawers and on the ceiling.



Accenting a staircase with LED strips has never been so easy before. Like closets, natural light sometimes has a hard time reaching the stairs. That being said, it is important to have a well-lit staircase to ensure the safety of the individuals using it. LED strips are ideal for this purpose as they can be easily installed on/under railings and on/along/under stairs to create an indirect light effect.  Today's technology also allows us to have several different on/off settings for led strips with sensors (e.g. turning on/off one step at a time as you step upstairs/downstairs).



Aquariums are increasingly used as a decorative element in modern homes. They have become very popular in recent years for several reasons. The options that some LED strips offer in terms of color control and lighting intensity are great for improving your aquarium. Other advantages are the low heat production and low energy costs of this type of lighting.



The video game industry has more and more enthusiasts all over the world. Often these people want to enjoy their favorite hobby in a lighted room surrounded by vibrant colors all around. RGB LED strips are great for indirect computer desk lighting. Some of the strips can even be installed in a computer power supply/keyboard/mouse and other consoles. Color control is something that is highly desirable for video game rooms, to create different color schemes.



The ambient lighting of the bedroom is the basis of the lighting plan. It includes natural light from windows, doors and skylights during the day. At night, ambient light can be provided by LED strips, which can be installed under/behind the edges of beds, shelves and on wardrobes.  Increasingly, sensor-based LED strips are also being used (installed under the bed - they are triggered when movement is detected at a height of approx. 20 cm from the floor) and allow you to safely reach the bathrooms.



We've all seen mirrors framed with large spherical light bulbs. Illuminated mirrors, which are often used in the show business industry, are also interesting for people who like to get ready in the morning. Many mirror manufacturers are now incorporating LED strips directly into their products. If you don't have this kind of mirror, you can install/stick an LED strip on the back for more ambient lighting. The use of LED strips and mirrors is a new trend that will gain even more popularity in the coming years, as this technology is easily integrated into such products.



The next original way of using LED strips is for shower cabins and walk-in showers. In bathroom remodeling projects, this lighting is sometimes forgotten. It can be interesting to install lighting on the ceiling and floor of your rooms. LED strips are perfect for this purpose, as they can be easily incorporated into surfaces with the help of profiles/slats. You can install them together with a motion sensor to cause the lights to turn on when you step into the shower.



From a practical rather than a decorative point of view, did you know that LED strips are also widely used for growing plants? If you want to have a small vegetable garden in your house, where you will sprout seedlings or grow vegetables in the winter, you might also be interested in lighting with LED strips. The technology is being used on a larger scale in greenhouses around the world. There are even some studies showing the benefits of this type of lighting for plants!



If your pantry is an enclosed space with no windows and no direct light, adapt it accordingly. We recommend LED strips, as they do not take up much space and perfectly illuminate every corner. You can combine them with motion sensors, which can be set to the desired switch-off time.



Do you have an RV or a minivan that you converted into an RV? On rainy days, travelers have to lock themselves in the car to spend the evening or part of the day. Therefore, good car lighting is essential at this time. Dimmable LED strips are perfect for this type of use, as they don't use a lot of energy and the lighting is discreet. When we are in a small space, the lighting must not be too strong or distracting. Install LED strips on the sides of your bed base and enjoy pleasant light throughout the evening.

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