Nova svetila GANTLights

New GANTLights lamps


are timeless lamps with an architectural character. They are made of materials such as concrete, wood and precious metals. These lamps transform rooms into unique interior spaces.

Stefan Gant, an architect and product designer originally from Bavaria, created the brand in 2012 in Berlin GANTLights. By combining the cold austerity of concrete and marble with precious metals, he handcrafts objects of minimalistic shapes and contrasting design elements.



Stefan Gant and his team create in Berlin's Rixdorf neighborhood in a former pastry shop, which he extensively renovated into an exhibition space, studio and workshop.



GANTlights products are found all over the world, but they are completely manufactured in Germany - from the smallest component to the packaging. They started by making lamps themselves. But when the demand for them began to grow, the company quickly grew into a dense network of local craftsmen and workshops. From the tiler to the carpenter, everyone involved brings a lot of expertise and care to every GANTlights product. This keeps transport routes short, helps protect the environment and directly supports local businesses in Berlin.


You can see the current offer on our Web site. Even more novelties of the brand GANTLights and will be available in the coming weeks.
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