Nasveti za osvetlitev teras

Tips for patio lighting

The terrace represents an extension of our home into the outdoor space, so it is an important place where we can seek a little relaxation and peace. 
Spending time outdoors, especially in summer, is definitely a relaxing activity for body and mind. In order to create the right atmosphere, which allows us to fully enjoy the spaces of our home, lighting is essential. 
So how to light the terrace? Already you'll find tips on how to make your porch cozy to enjoy on long summer evenings.


The size of the terrace

The first thing to consider when planning the lighting of your terrace is definitely its size: the bigger the space you want to illuminate, the more lights you need. In addition, in order to choose the most suitable lighting, it is also necessary to take into account the type of terrace: style, architecture, use. For example, if the porch is only used as a passageway, wall lighting might be sufficient, but if the terrace is large, we need more sophisticated lighting with floor lamps, wall lamps, stebrički, reflektorji in street lamps.

Osvertlitev poti potke


Terrace design style

Depending on the style of the porches, different types of lighting can be designed.

For example, if the porch is in a vintage style, LED wall lamps in the form are suitable lantern, which are available on our website in black, white and other colors. Together with LED technology, they combine traditional design with modern technology. We light the path to the terrace with floors he is on solar shone. In this style, it is light veriga žarnic above the central table, an almost obligatory piece that completes the whole. For vintage style, we recommend using warm white light of no more than 3000K and antique lamps.


Modern design is characterized by more refined, clear lines, which you can find in our range of outdoor lights. Using modern wall-mounted facade lights conjures up a wonderful atmosphere with the play of light. There are also lamps with up-down lighting, which can be additionally adjusted. It is also widely used LED strips, which can beautifully illuminate paths, benches, tables, patio boards and other surfaces with indirect installation. Pay attention to the choice of IP protection level. With modern design, you can further emphasize your style by choosing the color of white light up to cool white.


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