Predstavljamo nova svetila LOFTLIGHT

We present the new LOFTLIGHT lamps

LOFTLIGHT - The Polish company focuses on the production of high-quality lighting that follows current design trends. Their recognizable red thread is the structure of concrete and metal, which give the lamps a special stamp. The lamps reflect a combination of modern design with retro industrial style.

The lamps are made in Poland, where they also have their own design and production team.

When ordering the lamp, you can freely choose the color of the shade, the type and color of the ceiling anchor, and the color of additional elements such as braided ropes-cables and metal elements.

Colors of concrete lamps:

Colors of metal lamps (matt):

Colors of metallic lamps (shine):

You can see the colors of braided ropes at tej povezavi.

The lampshades reveal their final unpredictable color after 30 days of drying. Each lamp is unique in its kind - its surface texture, tone and color are a true work of art.

The LOFTLIGHT company can also boast of one of the most important awards in the world of design, as this year it received the Red Dot Award 2022 for the ConTeak outdoor wall lamp.



You can see all the lamps on our website For additional information and wishes of color combinations, we are available to you via email or on the phone number +386 64 260 585.

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