Lesena pasivna hiša - Gorenjska

Wooden passive house - Gorenjska

The house of a dynamic young family stands on the edge of a newer settlement, where its external appearance already sets it apart from the rest. Sthe beautiful wooden building is passive, energy-efficient and, above all, almost entirely made of natural materials. From the house there is a beautiful view of the Kamniško Savinjske Alps (Velika Planina, Kamniško sedlo...).

The family decided to equip the house with our outdoor and indoor lights.

They chose for the interior (hallway and living room). harness ceiling lights in black, which are increasingly used in new buildings due to their functionality and minimalist, unobtrusive appearance.

Three reign over the kitchen island hanging lamps of a similar style, which, in combination with other lamps, harmoniously connect all rooms in the house.

The exterior part was equipped with interesting shaped wall lights cubes 10x10cm, with the possibility of setting the desired angle/beam of light above and below. 

The lamps are installed on the outside of the house in pairs, two together. In this way, by intertwining two light beams, interesting light patterns are created on the facade.

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