Zaupa nam tudi restavracija FUDO (Hrana. Ljubezen. In ti.)

The restaurant FUDO (Food. Love. In that.)

Migration it's a chat over coffee, a glass of wine, a culinary experience and you. Local ingredients, world cuisine and lots of great music. It is an urban gathering place for young and old, united by the desire for good food, drink and entertainment on the most lively street in the city. The restaurant offers its own food prepared from local, organic ingredients, excellent wines and more. They are driven by the desire to be original, better, the best. Fusion without borders and rules, inspired and with ideas, from the market and farms, colorful and happy.


The interior of the restaurant is equipped with lamps


Restaurant Migration is located on the main square at number 1 in Maribor. It attracts with its pleasant location, friendly team, fresh ingredients and innovative menuguests to relax and enjoy the simple urban environment.


Ekipa Migration.


Through hard work, they managed to captivate the audience and official critics. Being ranked among the 100 best who find themselves in restaurant week is a special privilege and an obligation to present the best they know. The menu is set, and the chefs are already at a low start. The restaurant week will take place on the 14th - 23rd. October 2022. You can read more about the restaurant and menu at this link.


Migration plate.


The restaurant decided to supplement its interior with hanging lights of the V-tac brand, which bring warmth and style to the room.

The lamp is equipped with a black metal grid and is easy to install. The perfect choice to complement the aesthetics of the meeting of the old world with the new. You can see the selected lamp here connection.


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