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Infrared Motion Sensor Black Housing 50/60Hz

Infrared Motion Sensor Black Housing 50/60Hz

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Product benefits

  • Energy saving
  • Available for indoor or outdoor use
  • Compatible with our offer
  • Verified quality from reliable suppliers
  • A wide selection of models


  • Outdoor areas such as parking lots, garages, gardens and courtyards
  • Indoor spaces such as walkways, lobbies and staircases


Frequency 50/60Hz
IP level IP20
sensors And
Sensor type Infrared motion sensor
Sensor detection range 180/360
Time lapse Mine. 10sec.±3sec. Max. 15min.±2min
Maximum load
  • 1200 W incandescent bulb
  • 600 W halogen/LED bulb
  • Ambient lighting <3-2000LUX Prilagodljiv
    Piece per package 1
    Product weight (kg) 0.17
    Certification CE, EMC, ROHS
    Brand V-TAC
    Guarantee 5 let